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  1. Photo Credit: Andrew Selsky, Associated Press

    Science Bytes

    Kiki Kapany, Producer/Director


    Today, we are facing daunting global crises—climate change, pandemics, famine—that threaten our livelihoods, our health, and even our survival. If we are going to meet these challenges, we need a well-educated population that can understand and unlock the science that is central to so many of these problems. In memory of Michael Schwarz, we ask that you consider helping us bring to fruition a project he cared about deeply. It’s a series of short documentaries called Science Bytes.  

  2. Ornament of the World thumb

    The Ornament of the World

    Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer


    Airing on PBS in 2019

    An examination of historic Spain, when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in relatively harmonious and mutually enriching cultures that inspired the art and architecture which laid the groundwork for subsequent cultural movements, including the Renaissance.

  3. Howard Jarvis thumb

    First Angry Man: Howard Jarvis and the Birth of the Tax Revolt

    Jason Cohn & Camille Servan-Shreiber, Producers


    Airing on PBS in 2020

    The untold story of Howard Jarvis and his 1978 campaign to pass Prop 13, an anti-tax bill that forever changed the political landscape of California and then the nation.

  4. christie thumb

    Singing for Justice: Faith Petric and the Folk Process

    Christie Herring & Estelle Freedman, Producers


    In Post-Production

    A cinematic portrait of Faith Petric (1915 - 2013), San Francisco folk musician and community builder who lent her voice to social justice movements in the Bay Area and nationally for over half a century.

  5. Side by Side: Autism and Relationship

    Side by Side: Autism and Relationship

    Bill Chayes, Producer/Director; Sherri Kimbell, Co-Producer


    Film #1 - Men Caring - will air on PBS in 2019.

    A series of short films, each focusing on the critical relationship between a young autistic adult and his or her caregiver - a relationship that is the basis for developing a sense of emotional warmth and connection.

  6. No Straight Lines

    No Straight Lines: 4 Decades of Queer Comics

    Vivian Kleiman, Producer/Director; Justin Hall, Producer


    In Post-Production

    No Straight Lines: 4 Decades of Queer Comics, a feature-length documentary film that chronicles 4 decades of queer cartooning, is the story of a culture in transition -- from the margins to the mainstream.

  7. Try Harder!

    Try Harder!

    Debbie Lum, Producer/Director; Amy Ferraris, Co-Producer


    In a universe where cool kids are nerds, the school orchestra is world class, and being Asian American is normal, seniors at Lowell High School compete for the top prize: admission to the college of their dreams. The film follows a diverse group of students through a heart-pounding last year of high school at this iconic San Francisco public school. Will their hard work pay off? What happens if they fail? Try Harder! is an engaging, heart-breaking journey about dreams that don’t always come true – a story that will ring true for so many young college hopefuls today. 

  8. Look Who’s Driving

    Look Who’s Driving

    Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer; Ed Gray, Producer/Writer


    Airs on NOVA, October 23, 2019

    A recent surge of innovation has sparked the real possibility of a world in which cars no longer require human drivers. But successfully achieving such a radical transition poses an unprecedented set of technological, engineering, legal, regulatory and other challenges. Look Who's Driving will explore which ones have already been overcome, which still remain, and how scientists and engineers at leading institutions are trying to tackle them on the road to a self-driving future.

  9. Children of Violence II: Chico's Story

    Children of Violence II: Chico's Story

    Ray Telles, Director/Producer; Jim Belson, Writer/Producer; Bill Jersey, Executive Producer


    The members of Oakland's Mexican-American gang, "The 60s", featured in the Emmy award-winning 1982 documentary "Children of Violence", and the producers of that film return, and through the voice of Chico, Chita and others chronicle the struggles and achievements (some inspirational) of the survivors.

  10. Emily thumb

    Emily @ the Edge of Chaos

    Wendy Apple, Producer; Bob Balaban, Emily Levine, Lynda Weinman & Bruce Heavin, Executive Producers


    An entertaining and lively exploration of science and our cultural understanding of it as portrayed by comic artist, Emily Levine.

  11. Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?

    Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?

    Bill Mudge, Jean Mudge, and Bob Milley, Producers


    This television special focuses on new ways to fight increasingly resistant “superbugs.” Unlike the trillions of friendly bacteria essential to life, these emerging superbugs threaten us all, rich and poor alike. They are now chronic for millions and fatal for tens of thousands. Few antibiotics remain effective. Yet promising new treatments exist in the lab. How soon might they begin to save lives?

  12. Midwife/Nurses: Saving Mothers and Babies

    Midwife/Nurses: Saving Mothers and Babies

    Richard Wormser: Writer/Producer/Director


    Every year, approximately 20,000 to 25,000 babies die in America within the first year of life. The United States has the fifth highest infant mortality rate when compared to 34 other Western countries and the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world. One solution: free-standing birth centers staffed by nurse/midwives providing prenatal and natal care.

  13. Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU

    Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU

    Producer/Director, Shirley Sun; Production Advisor, Judy Flannery


    Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov; Composer: Shinji Eshima; Principal Dancers: Yuan Yuan Tan, Damian Smith, Pascal Molat; Dancers: Gaetano Amico, Steven Morse, Sean Orza, and Myles Thatcher

    “Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU” will explore the creation of this unique contemporary ballet, and reveal the behind the scenes collaboration among these brilliant artists who brought it to life. The stunning performance builds upon East West traditions of classical ballet, martial arts, Butoh, Noh Theater.

  14. One More Mission

    One More Mission

    Ed Gray, Producer


    How does a person find the courage to take an unpopular moral stand? And how does that decision shape the course of a lifetime? One More Mission, a feature-length documentary, examines these questions through the stories of some of the 20,000 members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

  15. Near Normal Man

    Near Normal Man

    Producer/Director, Charlene Stern; Creative Producer, Vivian Kleiman


    After 2 ghettos, 9 concentration camps, and 2 death marches in Nazi Europe, Ben Stern builds a new life, only to face American Nazis and their planned march in Skokie, Illinois, 30 years later. Ben stands up, speaks out and sparks a fierce public battle over Hate Speech. He defies many who said, “Stay home”, and builds huge national support. Ben’s story ignites conversation and inspires commitment to action – today. And a new generation gets it.

  16. Modernism, Inc.

    Modernism, Inc.

    A Bread and Butter Films production. Director/Writer, Jason Cohn; Producer, Camille Servan-Schreiber; Executive Producers, Eli Noyes and Ralph Guggenheim.


    “Modernism, Inc.” explores the intersection of postwar business, culture and design through the life and career of Eliot Noyes, the iconic architect and designer who built the design programs for IBM, Westinghouse and Mobil Oil. The Noyes story shows how the ideals and ethos of Modernism were embraced by the postwar cultural elite before being challenged in a countercultural backlash.

    Images: Eliot Noyes Archive

  17. My Tiger Mom

    My Tiger Mom

    Debbie Lum, Producer/Director


    Concerned about where her young daughters might go to college one day, award-winning filmmaker Debbie Lum sets out to discover whether being a “tiger mother” will turn her kids into “the model minority” in this humorous and heartfelt tour through the central nervous system of Asian America. 

  18. Stepping Up

    Stepping Up

    Claire Schoen, Producer


    Listen to podcasts at

    Stepping Up takes climate change by the horns. Through a series of fun, funny, surprising stories, this podcast follows ordinary Americans who are stepping up to the plate to take action in unexpected ways as they confront the greatest crisis of our time. These smart, articulate, passionate individuals spark our imagination and show us how we can step up our game as well.

  19. Amplifi Media: Telling NGO Stories

    Amplifi Media: Telling NGO Stories

    Pierre Valette, Producer


    Amplifi Media provides media support to mid-size non-profits around the world, helping them tell their stories via video and social media. Amplifi’s current effort raises awareness about Haiti Project’s work providing Haitian women & their families with jobs, education, and healthcare.

  20. TITLE IX: Broad Shoulders

    TITLE IX: Broad Shoulders

    Wendy Goodman Thum, Producer; Kiki Kapany & Michael Schwarz, Executive Producers


    In 1972, the U.S. Congress passed Title IX, the seminal act paving the way for girls and women’s sports to receive federal funding, a practice long reserved for men’s sports only. In 1973, two young female swimmers at Yale were chosen to be pioneers and test the new law, forming what would become the Women’s Varsity Swim Team at a bastion of male education. More young women soon joined forces with them. This is the story of their struggle for equality: for recognition, funding and athletic support at a great American university.

  21. The New Jewish

    Chasing Stories

    Bill Chayes, Producer/Director; Ava F. Kahn, Co-Producer/Writer


    With the spirit of 60s ethnicity movements, Seymour Fromer reimagined ways to be Jewish, confronting us with multiple models for Jewish pride and education. A series of short videos will focus on different aspects of Fromer’s role in rescuing Jewish diversity and influencing new ways for Jews locally and around the world to express their Jewish identity.

  22. The Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine thumb

    Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine

    Melissa Godoy, Director; Joe Brinker, Producer; Steve Dorst, Producer


    After the riots, Cincinnati’s historic inner-city core—Over-the-Rhine—is at a critical point. Mike lives in the neighborhood's homeless park, but he's trying to get out and is on the hunt for a job. As the city fast-tracks upscale investment, things change quickly. Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine chronicles the dramatic revitalization of this architecturally remarkable neighborhood from a half century of neglect. read more...

  23. Dark Hero large

    DARK HERO OF THE INFORMATION AGE: In Search of Norbert Wiener

    Produced and Directed by J. Mitchell Johnson, William Cran and Robert M. Elfstrom


    The legacy of Norbert Wiener, founder of the lost science of Cybernetics, is rediscovered in this feature-length documentary film that asks the question: is humanity’s love affair with technology pushing civilization to a crisis point?

  24. Yip Harburg thumb

    A television documentary about Yip Harburg, who penned the words to many of America’s favorite and most iconic tunes and worked with the country’s leading popular composers. His most famous song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for The Wizard of Oz, won him an Academy Award for best song. 

  25. Not Just the Music thumb

    Not Just the Music

    Ben Loeterman, Producer


    A feature-length documentary about children in three at risk schools around the country who receive music training in daily immersion classes taught by classically trained musicians. Through their engagement with the teachers and the music, the children’s lives are transformed.

Set Descending Direction

25 Item(s)