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Guitar Crazy

Guitar Crazy

Roger Sherman, Director; Roger Sherman, Andrew Mer, Martha Ferguson, Producers


The sound of a guitar is unlike that of any other instrument. Just a few notes can illuminate our thoughts, lighten – or sadden – our hearts, and move us profoundly. Heavenly acoustic fingerpicking or a driving electric solo, a heart-ching blues riff, a classical melody, or a flamingo beat can transport us to places we know so well and to new ones we’ve never imagined. The song of a guitar can soften the edges of a bad day, make us laugh or make us cry. Guitars themselves are such treasured works of art, collected by many passionate people who don’t even know how to play them. The artists who compose on them, the collectors who prize them, the fans who never stop listening to them, and the artisans who are obsessed with making the finest instruments, all are Guitar Crazy. These artists and artisans are the heart of the unique, seductive, often unknown world we will illuminate in our documentary about the art and magic of one of the most popular instruments in the world.

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