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  1. Ornament of the World thumb

    The Ornament of the World

    Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer


    Airing on PBS in 2019

    An examination of historic Spain, when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in relatively harmonious and mutually enriching cultures that inspired the art and architecture which laid the groundwork for subsequent cultural movements, including the Renaissance.

  2. Look Who’s Driving

    Look Who’s Driving

    Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer; Ed Gray, Producer/Writer


    Airs on NOVA, October 23, 2019

    A recent surge of innovation has sparked the real possibility of a world in which cars no longer require human drivers. But successfully achieving such a radical transition poses an unprecedented set of technological, engineering, legal, regulatory and other challenges. Look Who's Driving will explore which ones have already been overcome, which still remain, and how scientists and engineers at leading institutions are trying to tackle them on the road to a self-driving future.

  3. In Defense of Food

    In Defense of Food

    Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer; Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Edward Gray, Producer/Telescript


    Aired on PBS 2017

    Join best-selling author Michael Pollan on a fascinating journey to answer the question: What should I eat to be healthy? Cutting through confusion and busting myths and misconceptions, In Defense of Food shows how common sense and old-fashioned wisdom can help us rediscover the pleasures of eating and avoid the chronic diseases so often associated with the modern diet.

  4. Side by Side: Autism and Relationship

    Side by Side: Autism and Relationship

    Bill Chayes, Producer/Director; Sherri Kimbell, Co-Producer


    Film #1 - Men Caring - will air on PBS in 2019.

    A series of short films, each focusing on the critical relationship between a young autistic adult and his or her caregiver - a relationship that is the basis for developing a sense of emotional warmth and connection.

  5. Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU

    Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU

    Producer/Director, Shirley Sun; Production Advisor, Judy Flannery


    Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov; Composer: Shinji Eshima; Principal Dancers: Yuan Yuan Tan, Damian Smith, Pascal Molat; Dancers: Gaetano Amico, Steven Morse, Sean Orza, and Myles Thatcher

    “Fire and Ashes, Making the Ballet RakU” will explore the creation of this unique contemporary ballet, and reveal the behind the scenes collaboration among these brilliant artists who brought it to life. The stunning performance builds upon East West traditions of classical ballet, martial arts, Butoh, Noh Theater.

  6. No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics

    No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics

    Vivian Kleiman, Director/Producer; Justin Hall, Producer


    No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics tells the story of five scrappy and pioneering cartoonists who depicted everything from the AIDS crisis, coming out, and same-sex marriage, to themes of race, gender, and disability. They tackle the humor in queer lives in a changing world, and the everyday pursuits of love, sex, and community. 

  7. Near Normal Man

    Near Normal Man

    Producer/Director, Charlene Stern; Creative Producer, Vivian Kleiman


    After 2 ghettos, 9 concentration camps, and 2 death marches in Nazi Europe, Ben Stern builds a new life, only to face American Nazis and their planned march in Skokie, Illinois, 30 years later. Ben stands up, speaks out and sparks a fierce public battle over Hate Speech. He defies many who said, “Stay home”, and builds huge national support. Ben’s story ignites conversation and inspires commitment to action – today. And a new generation gets it.

  8. Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?

    Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?

    Bill Mudge, Jean Mudge, and Bob Milley, Producers


    This television special focuses on new ways to fight increasingly resistant “superbugs.” Unlike the trillions of friendly bacteria essential to life, these emerging superbugs threaten us all, rich and poor alike. They are now chronic for millions and fatal for tens of thousands. Few antibiotics remain effective. Yet promising new treatments exist in the lab. How soon might they begin to save lives?

  9. The Silicon Valley Story thumb

    Silicon Valley: The Untold Story

    Michael Schwarz, Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer


    Now streaming on

    A three-episode cultural, intellectual and technological history of Silicon Valley exploring how and why Silicon Valley has become such a unique and enduring locus of innovation and entrepreneurship for morel than 100 years.

  10. Howard Jarvis thumb

    The First Angry Man: Howard Jarvis and the Birth of the Tax Revolt

    Jason Cohn & Camille Servan-Shreiber, Producers


    Airing on PBS in 2020

    The untold story of Howard Jarvis and his 1978 campaign to pass Prop 13, an anti-tax bill that forever changed the political landscape of California and then the nation.

  11. Dr. Marian Diamond thumb

    Aired on PBS 2017

    A documentary on the work of Marian Diamond, a pioneer in the field of brain research and her continuing efforts to engage and recruit young women into the field of science.

  12. American Reds thumb

    American Reds: The Failed Revolution

    Richard Wormser, Producer


    Aired in 2017

    A two hour documentary that tells the story of the emergence of the Communist Party USA between 1930-1945 as the foremost radical political group in America; and the Party's collapse between 1946 and 1960 as a result of the Cold War and the revelation of Stalin's crimes.

  13. Emily thumb

    Emily @ the Edge of Chaos

    Wendy Apple, Producer; Bob Balaban, Emily Levine, Lynda Weinman & Bruce Heavin, Executive Producers


    An entertaining and lively exploration of science and our cultural understanding of it as portrayed by comic artist, Emily Levine.

  14. Seeking Asian Female thumb

    Seeking Asian Female

    Debbie Lum, Producer


    On PBS Independent Lens in 2013.  One-hour documentary about an older white man’s obsession to find a Chinese bride. On the web, is a public engagement effort expanding the conversation about race and romance and the social issues that form the backdrop of this intimate personal documentary.

  15. The Campaign thumb

    The Campaign

    Christie Herring, Producer


    On PBS in 2013.   A sixty minute film that follows the daily lives of activists working to stop the passage of California’s controversial Proposition 8 in the 2008 election. 

  16. Capturing Grace

    Capturing Grace

    Dave Iverson, Producer; Michael Schwarz & Kiki Kapany, Executive Producers


    The story of a group of dancers with Parkinson’s disease rehearsing for their first public performance under the leadership of teachers from the renowned Mark Morris Dance Company in New York.

  17. Extreme By Design thumb

    Extreme By Design

    Ralph King Jr., Producer/Director; Michael Schwarz , Executive Producer/Director; Kiki Kapany, Executive Producer


    On PBS, December 11, 2013.  The film story of social entrepreneurs who as students in a Stanford University design course create and implement life altering solutions to problems in underdeveloped parts of the world. "Watch+Design" workshops, aimed at students aged 12 to 22, combine portions of the film with an introduction to the "design thinking" process used in the Stanford course.

  18. Shattered Sky thumb

    Shattered Sky

    Steve Dorst, Producer; Joe Brinker, Executive Producer


    On PBS 2012 and 2013. A one-hour documentary on the damaging environmental effects of industrial activity and the efforts to remediate that damage. 

  19. San Francisco Bay thumb

    A media project in radio, multimedia and podcast, RISE takes listeners on a journey of the San Francisco Bay, exploring the impact of sea level rise and extreme weather on people living by the water.

  20. EAMES-The Architect and the Painter thumb

    EAMES: The Architect and the Painter

    Bill Jersey and Jason Cohn, Producers


    A ninety minute film exploring the design work of this husband and wife team and their considerable impact on the architecture, furniture design, film, exhibitions and multimedia of the 20th century. Produced by Quest Productions and Bread and Butter Films. As seen on WNET’s American Masters.

  21. Ending AIDS thumb

    The story of the search for a vaccine to tame this most elusive and devastating virus. Produced by Quest Productions and Kikim Media. As seen on PBS.

  22. Faces of the Enemy thumb

    Before we go to war we create enemies. The story of the creation and uses of propaganda. Hosted by Dr. Sam Keen and produced by Quest Productions. Seen on PBS.

  23. Hunting the Hidden Dimension thumb

    A lively exploration of the world of fractal geometry through animation, music and stories. Produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions. As seen on NOVA.

  24. Learning to Fly thumb

    The story of Dr. Sam Keen who at the age of 60 decided to follow his dream and learn to fly on the flying trapeze. Produced by Quest Productions. Broadcast on PBS.

  25. Naked to the Bone thumb

    Medical imaging technology and its uses in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions. Broadcast on PBS.

  26. Paperback Dreams thumb

    The changing landscape of bookstores in the internet age. Produced by Alex Beckstead. As seen on PBS.

  27. Preacher for the Patuxent thumb

    Senator Bernie Fowler’s quest to keep the Patuxent River, Maryland’s longest waterway free of pollution. Produced by Frank Cevarich. As seen on PBS.

  28. Stopwatch thumb

    The story of Frederick Winslow Taylor and his passion for efficiency in the workplace. Produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions. Broadcast on PBS.

  29. The Next Big Thing thumb

    The story of the hydrogen fuel cell in powering cars, buildings and filling the need for alternative energy sources. Produced by Kikim Media and Quest Productions. Broadcast on PBS.

  30. Jim Crow thumb

    Award winning four-part PBS series on the Jim Crow era in U.S. history, from 1863 to 1954. Produced by Videoline, Inc. and Quest Productions for WNET Thirteen.

Set Descending Direction

30 Item(s)